This, Not That

A series providing creative plastic-free solutions.

When I first started replacing Tupperware, Ziploc containers, plastic bags and wrap with plastic-free food containers I did what a lot of people do. I bought a large set of Pyrex glass containers with plastic lids. (It’s easy to ignore those plastic parts.) I use those containers daily, but if I had it to do over I’d buy something different or nothing at all. The plastic lids on those Pyrex containers become brittle and crack, eventually making their way to the landfill. You can buy replacement lids, but in my experience they don’t fit as well and have an even shorter lifespan.

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Simple Things

A list of simple things here and there.

1. Simple gratitude. My three-year-old communicates mostly with sign language and some spoken words. The other morning I handed him a banana and then turned my back to him to continue making breakfast. He yelled out, “mama…Mama….MAMA!” It took repetition and volume before I looked back to him. He wanted my attention not because he needed something, but because he wanted to tell me something. He simply signed the words “thank you” to show gratitude for the banana. Children have so much to teach us, if only we pay attention.

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Fairdare by Jane

It’s with great pleasure to bring you a guest post today by Jane, author of the Fairdare blog. There are few blogs that speak to me as consistently and powerfully as Jane’s. She’s a change-maker that brings me hope through her actions and words. For further inspiration, please read on!

Hello! It’s exciting to be in this space today, and it’s an honor to be invited to share a little about the Fairdare here! Julie and I share so many of the same values: a love for zero-waste, simplicity + beauty found in the little things. One of the best things about writing + putting it out there into the vast unknown is making connections with like-minded people who become friends every bit as real as if we were able to sit down for a cup of tea together. Julie is one of those friends for me! I love reading about other’s simple pleasures and especially getting to peek inside their closets (invited, of course).  🙂

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Homemade Lip and Cheek Tint

My daily my makeup routine (if you can call it that) is rubbing a little color onto my lips and cheeks. I had been using RMS Lip2Cheek, but found it rather drying. When I finished the product, I looked to my cupboard to make my own lip and cheek tint. I was seeking a natural look from a moisturizing, zero waste product made from simple ingredients. Not too much to ask, right?

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We entered the new year in a tent, in the Colorado wilderness, in below freezing temperatures. Although cold, that wasn’t what kept us awake much of the night. Apparently our toddler had the idea that New Year’s Eve should be an all-night party. In between cat naps, we had conversations about the off-road adventure in the truck, the coyotes we heard yipping close to camp, the fire wood we collected and chopped, and our dog who would eventually join us in the tent because she really was cold. I kept my humor throughout.

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Plastic Mountains

About a decade ago I joined a team of Colorado women to participate in a Susan G. Komen 3-Day breast cancer walk. We’d be traveling to California to join over 30,000 women to walk 60 miles and camp together at a mass site set up for the event. Participating teams were encouraged to decorate their designated section of camp.

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