A Zero Waste Greek Salad

Zero Waste Salad Ingredients | the beauty in simpleJust like at home, I try my best to minimize waste when I’m camping. I have yet to achieve zero waste at the camp site, but improvements have been made. I find zero waste camping a bit more challenging. I don’t have my pantry and kitchen tools at my disposal and rarely do I have the time to do a lot of advance planning, prepping, or cooking.

Last weekend we went camping, and as usual after a busy work week I found myself short on time to plan and prepare for a zero waste trip. I only had snacks, two lunches, one dinner, and a breakfast to plan, but even that can overwhelm me. For snacks I offered zero waste zucchini chips with homemade dip and fresh fruit. Dinner was a simple meal of hot dogs grilled over the fire, served along side my homemade, zero waste, fermented sauerkraut. I hit the nail on the head at lunch with a zero waste Greek salad with quinoa and chickpeas. A Zero Waste Greek Salad | the beauty in simpleUsing this recipe with the addition of quinoa, I sourced package-free ingredients. Chickpeas, quinoa, salt, and spices are purchased in the bulk aisle using Mason jars with reusable bulk labels. I filled my own jars with feta cheese and kalamata olives from the Whole Foods salad and olive bars. All the produce was purchased without packaging. The only ingredient not available to me in bulk is olive oil, which I purchase in recyclable glass bottles.

The only advanced preparation was soaking the beans on Thursday night. Friday morning I cooked them in my pressure cooker, which takes all of 13 minutes. In less than a half hour I assembled the salad on Friday night. It was a simple, delicious, and nourishing meal that didn’t create garbage. I’m pretty happy about that. I’d love to hear any zero waste successes you’ve had recently.



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    1. That’s about the only way I cook legumes. The pressure cooker is great for cooking brown rice too. I consider it an essential kitchen tool. 🙂

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