Small Change | 3

A series to encourage making one small change to preserve our planet. “Stay the course, light a star, Change the world where’er you are.”Richard Le Gallienne

100 Percent Beeswax Candles | the beauty in simple

Small Change #3: Light 100% beeswax candles this holiday season.

If you’ll be lighting candles this holiday season, my first suggestion would be to use up what you have before buying anything new. However, if you’re restocking your supply or purchasing tapers for your Thanksgiving table, I hope you’ll consider buying 100% beeswax candles. You may have a little sticker shock, but I can assure you they are worth the expense. Here are five reasons 100% beeswax candles are a better choice than paraffin or soy candles.

  1. Beeswax is renewable. Paraffin is made from petroleum, which comes from a finite supple of fossil fuels. While soy may be renewable, soy candles have added paraffin as a hardener. Even 100% soy candles have a small amount of added paraffin. Most soy candles on the market are not 100% soy, so they potentially contain a large amount of paraffin.
  2. Beeswax is natural. Paraffin candles are highly refined and are treated with carcinogenic chemicals. Soy candles contain paraffin, and most likely other additives and hardeners. Additionally, it’s most likely the soy used to make soy candles comes from GMO crops that are heavily sprayed with pesticides. Ninety-three percent of soy grown in the U.S. is genetically engineered.
  3. Beeswax is clean and long burning. The smoke and soot produced from burning paraffin candles is equivalent to exhaust fumes from a car. Paraffin is short burning, compared to beeswax that burns two to five times longer.
  4. Beeswax candles gives off a warm light in the same spectrum as sunlight. Paraffin and soy candles give off cool, white light, similar to incandescent or halogen bulbs.
  5. Beeswax is naturally scented by honey and floral nectar. Paraffin candles are most typically scented with artificial fragrance. Soy candles are often scented with essential oils, but that’s not necessarily a good choice. Burning essential oils changes their molecular structure potentially making the fumes toxic.

Although the cost of 100% beeswax candles can be a deterrent,  I find their beauty and warmth unequaled and worth the expense. Here’s where I get my 100% beeswax tapers, votivestea lights, and birthday candles.

I hope your home radiates with the warm glow of 100% beeswax candles this holiday season. A lit candle sets a beautiful mood and speaks of the reverence held for family, friends, and home.


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