Bulk Sugar, Three Ways

Bulk Sugar, Three Ways | the beauty in simpleAre you a baker, gone zero waster, but can’t find powdered or brown sugar in bulk? I have just the tip to meet your baking needs: bulk sugar, three ways.

I fill my jar with sugar from the bulk aisle bins eliminating wasteful packaging. How about brown sugar and powdered sugar that’s not available to me in bulk? It’s no problem, as those can be easily made from granulated sugar.

Brown sugar requires the added ingredient of molasses, which is available in recyclable glass bottles. To one cup of white sugar, add one tablespoon of molasses for light brown sugar or two tablespoons for dark. Whisk with a fork or wire whisk until the molasses is evenly incorporated and no clumps remain. Be patient, it might take a minute or two. You can also use an electric mixer to speed the process, although I wouldn’t bother.

To make powdered sugar, pour granulated sugar into a dry blender and whiz until it turns to powder. That’s it.

If a recipe calls for one cup of brown sugar, I use one cup of granulated sugar plus molasses. If a recipe calls for one cup of powdered sugar, I use a half cup of granulated sugar.

Sweet, huh?

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