A Child’s Gathering Basket

Child's Gathering Basket | the beauty in simple

A last minute invitation to a child’s birthday party had me pause to think how easy it would be to run to the store to pick up a gift. Instead, using what I had – a little imagination, some scraps of fabric, and two hours – I dreamed up and crafted a child’s gathering basket. Wrapped up with a bow, I wished the child magic and wonder as she filled her little basket with flowers, acorns and other bits of nature.

For those curious, I used these directions for the basket. You might also like the child’s field bag.

Field Bag for a Child

Child's Field Bag

A change in mindset no longer has me running to the store (either brick and mortar or virtual) to purchase gifts. So many gifts go unused or are unwanted. I know, because I’m one of those recipients. The thought is there, or is it?

I prefer to give the gift of time, experiences or handmade goods. In our busy world, taking the time to celebrate a person over a special meal or by taking a leisurely walk with them through the local botanic gardens holds tremendous value. An experiential gift tailored to the person’s interests, such as a concert ticket or a photography class doesn’t bog a person down with unneeded or unwanted stuff. Handmade gifts tell a story of creativity and effort that doesn’t happen with a swipe of a card.

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