Walk to Work

Walk to Work | the beauty in simple

I woke up to about ten inches of fresh snow. I love it when we get a decent accumulation. My excitement has me out the door before dawn to shovel. I clean my walk and two of my neighbors’. They think I’m being helpful, and perhaps I am, but really I just love being out in it. The urge is strong to sink my feet deep in the snow and feel the cold air and sharp sting of snowflakes against my face.

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On Being Helpful

Being Helpful | the beauty in simple

A few months ago I read an article that shared one man’s thoughts on being helpful. He said, if you have to wait to be asked, you’re not being helpful. He gave a beautiful example – if you plan to sit by a friend’s fire for a while, stop by their wood pile on the way to the door and fill your arms with wood to bring to their hearth. For the life of me, I can’t find the source where I read the story, but it stuck with me. I’ve been running it over my mind lately as I think about the holidays.

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Climate Change and Basketball

Climate Change | the beauty in simple

I was having a conversation with my 16-year-old son about climate change and the United Nations conference happening now in Paris. In preparation for the negotiations, the Chinese government released a report on the affects of global warming that is frightening indeed. My son reflected that his generation is the last generation that has the possibility of turning things around for the planet and humanity, but the job seemed so large he wasn’t sure where to begin.

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