Non-toxic Cleaning | the beauty in simpleHave you ever grown a pot of basil and turned it into the best tasting pesto? Or made a salad from your homegrown tomatoes and marveled at their amazing sweetness and full flavor? There’s something in growing your own food that makes it taste so much better. For me, making my own cleaning products has the same affect. That extra step and care that goes into the process helps make a mundane task enjoyable.

It takes a small effort to make your own non-toxic cleaning products, but doing so puts a pause in the day where you can take a deep breath, unload your mind, and hopefully find a sliver of enjoyment in the simple work. It’s an opportunity to step away from a hurried life to care for your home, family, and the environment.

In March I focused on the topic of decluttering, so it made sense to follow that up with non-toxic cleaning, especially given we’re in the season it’s best known for. I’ll be sharing some favorite recipes and ideas throughout the month, but if you’re anxious to get started, please try my favorite all-purpose natural cleaner.



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