Dream Your Way to a Decluttered Home

Dream Your Way to a Decluttered Home | the beauty in simpleI’ve always been a dreamer. It’s not that I don’t live in the moment, but dreaming motivates me to do bigger things with my life.

There was a time I dreamed of taking my kids to live on a permaculture farm in Costa Rica. I briefly dreamed of living in a tiny house. My husband and I dream of taking an extended overland trip to remote parts of British Columbia, Alaska, and beyond. My dreams have been big and small; some have come to fruition and others have been passed by or changed given the cards I’m holding at the time. Rarely do they have anything to do with acquiring more stuff – in fact the acquisition of more would only be a hindrance.

You’re wondering, what does dreaming have to do with decluttering? Over a decade ago, when I became a single mom (which I’m no longer), I decided I never wanted anything stopping me from saying “yes” to my dreams. If a dream opportunity, like living in Costa Rica, presented itself I wanted to be in a position to follow through. I came up with the idea that freedom to pursue my dreams required the ability for me to shed my physical belongings down to only the essential items that I found useful or beautiful in one month’s time.

I’ve slowly and methodically paired down my belongings through the years – even as I’ve grown my family. I’ve held onto the notion that less is more in the pursuit of my dreams. It’s not only helped me get rid of clutter, but it’s the lens which I use to evaluate what new things to allow into my life.

Years ago I bought the tiny sculpture (in the picture) that I interpreted to be a person dreaming. My home is mostly free of knick-knacks, but I’ve held onto this one because it serves as both a reminder to never stop dreaming, and to never let stuff get in the way of my dreams.

Do you use your dreams to help you declutter?

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