I Dare You

Fairdare | the beauty in simpleWe all get dressed everyday. We dress for style, we dress for function, we dress for the weather, we dress for the occasion, but not often enough do we dress for the people or the planet. My friend and favorite blogger, Jane, is daring us to change that. She’s started a powerful and important new website called “fairdare” whose intent is to dare us to dress fair. Here are her words…

I dare you to value people more than clothes.

I dare you to value the planet more than a new shirt.

I dare you to have less in your closet.

I dare you to wear, care for, and repair your clothes.

I dare you to buy only fair, when you need to buy.

I dare you to love your simple wardrobe.

Jane invited me to do an interview on fairdare, which I’m so excited to share with you all. I’d love for you to check it out and read about my journey to a fair wardrobe. While you’re there you can read why we need fairdare, how to take the fairdare pledge, and where to shop fair. If you’re already working on making your wardrobe fair, I’d love to hear about your approach in the comments.


4 thoughts on “I Dare You

    1. Thanks, Celia. I have another Tova dress cut out waiting to be sewn for fall. This one has sleeves, but no collar (like my sleeveless Tova). I’m in love with the pattern.

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