Give Less, Give More

Give Less, Give More | the beauty in simpleSometimes I feel like I’m swimming against the current, but I do my best to cultivate a home that celebrates non-material values. These values I hold near and dear to my heart are also advocated by one of my favorite organizations, New Dream. I was pleased to be asked by their staff to contribute an article on my gift giving philosophy as part of their holiday campaign.

In the article, “Give Less, Give More,” I share my gift-giving principles that honor the recipient, people and the planet. For other ideas on simplifying the holidays, check out New Dream’s holiday resources. In particular, I love their just released More Fun, Less Stuff Gift Catalog.

I’m curious, do you have any practices or principles that you follow to bring more meaning to the holiday season? Please share your ideas and traditions, so we all may be inspired.

2 thoughts on “Give Less, Give More

  1. Very thoughtful, Julie. I loved the examples of how you so carefully selected one gift for each of your children and how each gift reflected back what’s important to each of them. Gift giving at its best. I prefer to give gifts that are homemade, if at all possible (e.g. jams, chutneys, herb-infused vinegars). My husband and I do not exchange Christmas gifts at all, and with the grandchildren – we just ask the parents what they need. Makes our life quite easy. I really think it’s a mistake to overwhelm children with a gazillion gifts; they do not learn the value of objects and often are literally overstimulated by the sheer mass of toys. I very much like your approach – one valuable gift that the recipient will really treasure.

    1. Thank you! I love that you and your husband are agreeable on not exchanging gifts. That relieves so much stress, and perhaps disappointment too. My husband and I still gift each other, using the same philosophy I follow with my children, but we stopped exchanging gifts with our extended families. We were happy that everyone was relieved when we made the suggestion. I too love giving homemade gifts, particularly to my neighbors and friends. Thanks for sharing your gift giving philosophy!

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