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Made in USA | the beauty in simpleMy husband and I were on our way to my daughter’s graduation. He was dressed in his only pair of dress slacks made of heavy wool, which were better suited for a cold winter day then the beautiful spring day that we were having. He commented that wool no matter the weight, is good in any season. He also reminded me that the pants were made in the USA, which somehow negated any inappropriateness of the clothing for the weather. I laughed and joked that my clothes must also be USA made because they’re so old I got them before clothes were manufactured outside of the country. (I actually looked on the labels when I got home and found the top was made in El Salvador, but couldn’t read the pants label because it was faded from repeated washings. I suspect they too were constructed outside of the United States.)

Made in USA Clothing by Brook There | the beauty in simpleIn the past I didn’t give much thought to the making of my clothes. Humanitarian and ecological issues weren’t entirely on my radar. That changed after the Rana Plaza collapse in 2013. Since that event more information about the fashion industry, specifically problems with fast fashion, has come to the surface. If you’re not aware of the atrocities that occur in the fashion industry, I highly recommend you watch the documentary The True Cost. It might change how you shop for clothing. It did for me.

Brook There Undergarments | the beauty in simple

If you’ve been following along here for very long you know I’m mostly buying nothing new this year, and clothing is no exception. However, when it came time to replace a worn out bra and underwear I decided I’d buy those items new. My change in philosophy to “buy less, buy better” had me move away from my old standards of cheap underwear and bras and look elsewhere. I found an impressive company, Brook There, that makes everything in Maine using organic cotton. They have an ethics statement that speaks to my values. The quality of construction, the beautiful fit and design, and the gorgeous materials will have me back for more.

If you’re interested in buying brands that are sustainably and ethically manufactured, I’ve found these blogs to be helpful:

Elizabeth, writer of The Notepasser, is an ethical fashion activist and provides extensive information on her blog, including a list of ethical fashion brands.

Jane, writer of the jane + jo + julia blog, provides a list of ethical brands and often writes on the topic of sustainable and ethical fashion.

Archana, author of To Universe, with Love, gives a beautiful and thoughtful voice on topics of style. I especially liked this post.

Erin from Reading My Tea Leaves has a series called “growing a minimalist wardrobe” that provides links to many ethical and sustainable clothing companies.

If you have any additional sources or thoughts on the topic, I’d love to hear them in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Made in the USA

  1. Julie,

    Thank you for the mention. I am glad that you can relate to what I write.

    And your blog is inspiring. I am going to make your version of homemade laundry detergent once we run out of our product.

    – Archana.

  2. You have inspired me to buy much better quality clothes, made here in the USA. It will be fun looking for beautiful things, when I need them (I “need” nothing now). Thanks for the inspiration and all the good websites to look at.

    1. Buying ethical clothing is just one more way to vote with our dollars. I’m so glad you’re inspired, and hope you find some wonderful things when you “need” them. 🙂

    1. I’ve really changed the way I’ve thought about fabric and fibers and now look for clothing that is free of synthetic materials. I was thrilled to find Brook There, because their intimate apparel is organic cotton or silk. A sure win!

  3. love this! you know this is right up my alley. you inspire me to keep on loving what i’ve already got. i’m happy to hear that you like brook there. i’ve looked and looked at them, but haven’t bought anything yet. i really liked that post from to universe, with love. thank you for mentioning her blog…and mine. 🙂

    1. I’m not sure brook there would be a good fit for the well endowed, but it’s the best fitting and most flattering wire-free bra I’ve owned. Archana’s blog is beautiful – I’m glad you enjoyed the post I linked to. And thanks for always inspiring me with you your blog.

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