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Clothing Made at Home | the beauty in simpleMy approach to ethical fashion is buying my clothes secondhand, buying less, but choosing well, or making my own clothes. Although I started sewing my own clothes when I was a young child, fewer garments have been made in my adult life. Sewing for myself has been a frustrating process of time and money wasted on making ill-fitting or frumpy looking clothes from poorly drafted or sized patterns. Lately I’ve been giving it a second chance using patterns from independent designers, and I’m happy with the results.

I recently made the Wiksten Tova Top and loved how it turned out (see here). I’ve been anxious to make it up in a dress and had a piece of fabric that I thought would work well. I used a beautiful, wispy batik that my mom brought back from one of her travels. With encouragement from Jane I decided to alter the pattern and make it sleeveless and collarless. I love this dress! It falls at a flattering length just above the knees and it drapes beautifully without being clingy or frumpy. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a good full length shot of the dress, and I’m not much for modeling, but I can tell you it’s darling.Making My Own Clothes | the beauty in simpleDepending on the look I’m going for it pairs nicely with my made in the USA cowboy boots or summer sandals. I’ll be turning pirouettes in this dress all summer long.

Other patterns I’d love to try:

If you have any favorite patterns, I’d love to hear.


6 thoughts on “Making My Own Clothes

  1. i LOVE your dress! it looks like the perfect one to take you all the way through summer and into fall with those boots and a sweater! beautiful!

    i’ve wanted to try the fielder as well…just wonder about finding matching ribbing.

    1. Thank you! I had the same thought that the dress could go well into the fall with boots and a sweater. Let me know if you make the Fielder or any of the Merchant & Mills patterns. I’d love to hear a review.

  2. Another awesome post! I’ve started to bring my sewing machine back out after many years of dormancy… Having a smaller wardrobe requires having more “precise” choices in clothing and I find this is a great way to meet that requirement while also being more easy on the environment with responsible fabric choices.

    Thanks again for some great inspiration!

    1. My sewing machine goes through years of dormancy too. In the last few years I’ve enjoyed dusting it off to make things for myself and others. I’m finding that making my own clothes allows me to not only fill those blanks in a minimal wardrobe, but allows for creative expression. Please check back if you find any favorite patterns that you love. I’d love to hear! Happy sewing!

    1. Hi Sunny! I’m so glad you shared that book. It’s one I’m not familiar with, but I’ll check it out from the library too. Judging from the link you provided, it looks like a very good place to start for a beginner seamstress. I’d love to hear if you have any success with the patterns. A simple wardrobe is most satisfying! 🙂

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