Small Change | 1

A series to encourage making one small change to preserve our planet. “Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” ~ Howard Zinn

Package-Free Soap | the beauty in simple

Small Change #1: Package-free Soap

It does make a difference when we avoid unnecessary packaging. Perhaps the impact isn’t big over a week or even a month, but it does add up over months and years. The resources and energy saved are huge, especially when practiced collectively.

For years I bought this soap thinking I was so ecological because it comes wrapped in paper rather than plastic. I recycled the paper, which made it a better choice than plastic-wrapped bar soaps or bottled liquid soaps. Recently it occurred to me that recycling takes energy and a better choice would be to purchase package-free soap. Making the change couldn’t have been easier. Package-free soap is widely available at supermarkets, natural food stores, farmers’ markets and specialty shops. I purchase mine at Whole Foods. Typically it’s the most economical choice available, which for me is a real plus given the number of showers my teenagers take. At the store, I put the soap in a small cloth bag or I throw it loose in my cloth grocery bag. The only thought required is deciding what scent of soap I like best. Now that’s a hard decision, but buying package-free soap is an easy, simple, small change that makes a big difference.

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