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Following a “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without” philosophy not only protects our planet’s natural resources, but it provides a pause in the consumption cycle allowing for contentment with what we have. In this series I share personal stories of making do.Seeking Perfection by Making Do | the beauty in simple

Sewing with Materials On Hand | the beauty in simpleI started making a dress over the weekend. The fabric came from my mom’s stash. The cotton print is not something I would have necessarily picked, but it’s sweet and pretty enough. In my own stash, I found three spools of blue thread, none which matched perfectly. My younger self would have gone to the fabric store to buy the right colored thread. Heck, I’m not sure I would have even accepted the less-than-desirable fabric my mom offered me. I certainly wouldn’t have used the same pattern that I used to make two other garments. I’m not so picky anymore.

I was thinking how much I’ve given up on the need for perfection, but then it occurred to me that I haven’t. Good or bad, I’ve just redefined perfection so the measures aren’t necessarily based on my own aesthetics or desires. Instead I’m seeking perfection in how I live on this planet – in the footprint I leave. Being mindful of the resources I use is just one ruler I’m using to gauge perfection. While still short on the stick, with good intentions I’m growing that number.

I’m not of the belief that any of us should strive for perfection. If anything, “making do” is a lifestyle choice that relieves me of that pressure but gives me focus for positive change. No one will know, except you, that my dress is not my ideal and if I’m honest with myself, it’s exactly my ideal.


3 thoughts on “Make It Do

  1. Really nice. Thank you for this lesson. As a sewer, I too have struggled with knowing what’s on the inside; but you’re right, it does not matter. Thanks to you, I’ll be looking at my stash with new eyes. And the planet will be happier for this. 😉

  2. Thank you so much for redefining perfection. I so often fall back into the habit of buying what I see to be perfect for my current need or want but your redefining of how to see perfection i.e. perfect for the planet, perfect for making do and being content and loving that is truly inspirational. thank you, thank you thank you!

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