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Keeping a Minimal Purse | the beauty in simpleThere was a bag check at the concert I attended last week. When the guy looked into my purse he said, “Wow, that’s the easiest bag I’ve ever checked,” and ushered me through. I looked at my husband with a grin and said, “The beauty in simple.” It gave me the idea to dump my purse contents out for you all to see. There’s absolutely nothing interesting about what I hold in my purse. What might be interesting (to some) is what I don’t carry.

Keeping My Purse Contents to a Minimum | the beauty in simple I carry my tiny wallet, a tube of homemade lip balm, a compact pen, my phone, and keys. If I’m meeting a client or going out with friends I might throw in my lipstick. (I have one color in my possession that also serves as cheek color.) Grocery lists and receipts also make an appearance, but they get recycled as soon as I get home. Any coins that spill into the bottom of my purse are transferred to a bowl that my husband and I jokingly refer to as “our retirement fund.”

My wallet contains my driver’s license, an office key card, a personal credit card, a business credit card, my library card, a Denver Botanic Gardens membership card, insurance cards, and cash. If I wanted I could whittle that down to my driver’s license, office key card, personal credit card, and library card. The rest are there “just in case.”

My purse and wallet are both from Saddleback Leather. I can’t speak to the company’s ethical practices, other than their products have a 100 year warranty. Last year I sent the purse strap back for repair, which they happily fixed for free. I think my purse is five or six years old and I expect it’ll be my purse for life. Imagine that? I suppose you’re wondering if I’ll get tired or bored of my purse. Perhaps, but who cares?! I’m in favor of once and done shopping. I like the idea of a patina etched into the leather that tells a lifetime of stories.

How about you? What do you carry in your pocket or purse?


5 thoughts on “Purse Dump

  1. My purse contents are almost as simple as yours. Not quite, though, as my needs are different. I have the same things you have (except the phone, I don’t own one yet), plus I have a handkerchief for allergies, a tiny tin for medicine, mints for the dry mouth I get from the medicine, and a re-usable bag in a tiny pouch. Like you, I am a once purse for life person.

    1. I’m so happy to hear there’s another “one purse in a lifetime” gal out there! Also impressed you don’t own a phone. My phone is paid for through my business, but someday I plan to let go of the smart phone. It hasn’t made me so smart. ?

  2. Mine is pretty similar – wallet, keys, phone, and pen. I also keep a small notebook where the kids and I make lists for the library, and a small pouch with a pad (aka “ladies thing”), lip balm, a swiss army knife, a small sewing kit, a handkerchief, and a small spray bottle of all natural hand sensitizer. It may seem like an odd list, but all those things do get used when I am out and about.

    1. Great list of contents! Although not an everyday item, I sometimes tuck a hankie in my purse. I did away with the need to carry “the ladies things” years ago when I switched to the Diva Cup. My poor memory or my phone serves as a “notebook.” Swiss Army knives are great to carry! Mine got confiscated at airport security when I forget to take it out before traveling and I never replaced it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. My swiss army knife got confiscated too! The best part about it was the tiny scissors…but I didn’t replace it either. My purse contents look pretty much the same with the addition of sunglasses and a baggu. (no pen) 🙂 I admire your one purse goal… gotta love a company that replaces the strap for free!

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