Small Change | 2

A series to encourage making one small change to preserve our planet. “Each and every one of us can make changes in the way we live our lives and become part of the solution.” ~ Al Gore 

Recycled Bathroom Tissue | the beauty in simple


Small Change #2: Choose 100% recycled toilet paper.

Did you kRecycled Toilet Paper | the beauty in simplenow the majority of the toilet paper sold on the market is made from felled wood, often from North American virgin forests that are increasingly rare and rich in wildlife? Sadly, toilet tissue made from 100% recycled paper only makes up around two percent of the market. The National Resource Defense Council (NRDC) estimates we could save 423,900 trees if every household in the US replaced one roll of virgin fiber toilet tissue with 100% recycled toilet paper. Can you imagine the impact if we permanently switched to 100% recycled toilet paper?

I’ve been using 100% recycled toilet paper for years, and while it’s not Charmin, it has come a long ways in softness. Historically, people used sticks, leaves, corn cobs, and other rough implements for toileting – 100% recycled toilet paper is a luxury in comparison. I’d rather save trees, water, and energy by using 100% recycled toilet paper than spoil myself (and wreck the environment) with super soft, virgin toilet paper. I hope you’ll care enough to change your buying habits too.

I’d even go a step further and suggest purchasing toilet paper that is free of plastic wrapping. I’ve been very pleased with Seventh Generation Bathroom Tissue that I purchase in bulk from Amazon, using the Subscribe & Save program. A box of 60 rolls of 100% recycled toilet paper is delivered to my doorstep on a schedule that I set. The product comes plastic-free, is economical, and couldn’t be easier to purchase. If you’re skeptical about buying in bulk, I’ve also seen individually wrapped (plastic-free), 100% recycled toilet paper at the grocery store. The NRDC has a nifty shopper’s guide if you want to research different brands.

Make the change and stop flushing virgin trees down the toilet.

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