Small Change | 5

A series to encourage making one small change to preserve our planet. “Garbage in, garbage out.” ~ a Proverb

Reuse Bags to Line the Trash Bin | the beauty in simple

Small Change #5: Reuse bags to line the trash bin.

Sometimes I’m a slow learner. For years I’ve been buying plastic trash bags to line my kitchen waste bin. I’d been brainwashed that trash needs to be contained in a plastic bag. About a month ago, I ran out of plastic bags and used a paper grocery bag instead. It’s laughable that I’d been literally throwing my money away, as well as, buying a product (plastic) that I try my best to avoid. If you’re still lining your trash bin with new plastic bags, I encourage you to stop when the last bag has been used.

Regardless of the type of store (grocery, hardware, clothing, etc.), I either decline a bag or use cloth bags for my goods, so I don’t have an excess of bags hanging around my house. However, stray bags still make there way into the home. I’ve mostly been using paper grocery bags that my teenagers bring from their dad’s house to line the bin. If I have wet garbage, I simply put it in a reused plastic bread bag or other plastic that I’ve saved. When the trash goes out, I don’t worry about sealing the bag – I just pop the whole thing into the city’s trash can that goes out to the alley. If I run out of bags, I’ll be scavenging for newspaper to line the bin. Here are some good instructions on how to fold a newspaper for use as a trash “bag.” Additionally, I’ll continue my quest towards a zero waste life, which would eliminate the need for a trash can altogether.

Enough garbage! Let’s get on with the season’s festivities. Happy Holidays!

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