Simple Things

Five simple things that made my week.

1. The cutest toy carsWood Toy Cars Made in the USA | the beauty in simplebecause they’re wood (sustainable), they’re locally made (sustainable), and they were purchased secondhand at a thrift store (sustainable). I call that a win, win, win.

2. Homemade tahiniHomemade Tahini | the beauty in simplebecause it’s a pantry staple I use often and now I can (easily) make it from scratch with sesame seeds bought in bulk. 

3. This bookMy Side of the Mountain | the beauty in simplebecause sometimes children’s literature is just what I need and this one is a real gem. Perfect for the budding naturalist or the person wanting to run away from home.

4. A new (child proof) home for my spicesSpices Organized in Bread Tins | the beauty in simplebecause their previous location was within reach of little hands, and for some reason he always went for the cayenne pepper. 

5. Casting my voteSpring Flower Ballot | the beauty in simplebecause a ballot on peace and spring flowers is one I can get excited for. 

What’s your favorite spring flower? Not my favorite, but one I have great respect for is the dandelion. More on that later (just a little teaser). I hope the start of your spring is beautiful. Be well!

Julie xo

8 thoughts on “Simple Things

  1. Love your photos. Inspiring me to take more and better.
    Can we get your tahini recipe? I make a tahini dressing but it uses store-bought tahini.

    1. Thanks, Deb! My photos are taken on my iPhone, except for an occasional photo my son, who is a talented photographer, takes. There’s a link to the tahini recipe in the post. You just whir sesame seeds in a food processor until they become paste and then add enough olive oil to bring it to the consistency you like. Fast and easy!

  2. Here’s a fantastic tahini salad dressing:
    1/2 C water
    1/4 C white wine vinegar
    3 T tahini
    2 T coarse grained mustard
    1 tsp honey
    1 clove garlic
    3/4 C vegetable oil

    Combine everything in a blender, or small food processor and blend until very smooth. Great with spinach or kale salads.

    1. Nothing prettier than a field of dandelions. When we lived in Montana we made dandelion wine. Not great but not bad. We were novices. Love the wooden toys. Does your little one love them.

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