Simple Things

Five simple things that made my week.

1. Greek YogurtHomemade Greek Yogurt | the beauty in simplebecause I made it by straining my homemade, whole milk yogurt, which I drizzled with local, raw honey for a creamy, thick, and delicious breakfast.

2. Dandelion wishesDandelion Wishes | the beauty in simplebecause there’s been a plea (by some) in my neighborhood to stop spraying the dandelions and that means I’m not alone in my wishes.

3. Stolen laces (from my husband’s old shoes)Buy Nothing New Year | the beauty in simplebecause I didn’t want to break my “buy nothing new year” so I replaced my broken laces with ones I didn’t think he’d miss. 

4. Morning rhythmA Morning Waldorf Ritual | the beauty in simplebecause each morning when my two-year-old awakens, I light a candle, sing Good Morning Dear Earth, and pick out the peg doll that represents that day. (In the Waldorf tradition, each day has a different color.) 

5. Bedtime rhythmOur Bedtime Lullabies | the beauty in simplebecause ever since he was a baby I’ve sang him the same two songs at bedtime, signaling that it’s time for sleep.

I have the interesting perspective of parenting both teenagers, that are soon to leave the nest, and a toddler. There are 16 years between my youngest and oldest. In some ways my parenting has remained the same – I’ve always tended to be a “free range parent,” but some things have changed. When my teenagers were young, I maintained a consistent schedule for our days, but I don’t recall thinking about the routine in terms of rhythm. With my baby I’ve enjoyed incorporating “rhythm” into our days. It’s a beautiful way to stay grounded, to offer respite from an often fast paced world, and to be in tune with nature’s rhythms as well. Do you have daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonal rhythms that you incorporate into your life? I’d love to hear your ideas.

Wishing you a weekend that flows!

Julie xo


7 thoughts on “Simple Things

    1. I’m loving reading my older kids’ books again for my baby. I never grow tired of the favorites. P.S. For some reason your comments always end up in my spam folder. Ugh! I don’t understand these things! In any case, I appreciate your readership and your comments. Thanks! 🙂

  1. I love that you sing the same two songs to your little one every night! We’ve done the same thing since our son was born five years ago, although our choices are Hush Little Baby and Waltzing Matilda (we’re in Australia). Such a lovely rhythm for bedtime 🙂

    1. I’m not familiar with Waltzing Matilda. I’ll have to check that one out. My son goes down so easily, which I attribute to the predictability and rhythm of our evenings. Thanks for sharing!

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