Simple Things

Five simple things that made my week.

1. Repurposed bagsLavender Sachets from Repurposed Bags | the beauty in simple because when filled with dried lavender they made the best smelling sachets to tuck into my dresser. Celia, thanks for the idea! (I purchased the lavender from the bulk spice section of Whole Foods.)

2. An old skirtA Reconstructed Skirt | the beauty in simplebecause after years of hardly any wear, I did a little reconstruction to make it more likable.

3. Apple crispApple Crisp | the beauty in simplebecause it’s one way I like to celebrate the season. (I used this yummy gluten free recipe, with a few modifications.)

4. MeditationA Meditation Practice | the beauty in simplebecause I finally attended a workshop to get me started on a practice.

5. Free native wildflower seedsSeeds for Sewing Native Plants | the beauty in simplebecause I have just the garden to sew them into.

I’ve probably said it before, but I love the Denver Botanic Gardens. I’m lucky to live close so it’s easy and convenient for me to visit the gardens or attend a concert, class, lecture, or movie screening. This week at the DBG I saw a screening of Hometown Habitat, Stories of Bringing Nature to Home. It was a long movie, so not for those with short attentions, but it spoke to the importance of putting native plants into our landscaping, gardens, flower boxes, and garden pots. This small act can have a huge environmental impact and is easy for every one of us to implement. The movie did a wonderful job of explaining the significance native plants have in creating a healthy ecosystem that draw and feed a diverse native food web. The day after watching the movie I was at The Children’s Hospital and noticed they had native plants as part of their landscape.Native Plants in Landscaping | the beauty in simpleI was incredibly encouraged by the movie and to see an example of native plants in a landscape. If you’re interested in exploring the topic further, I might suggest the book Bringing Nature Home

Happy weekend, my friends.

Julie xo

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