Simple Things

A list of simple things here and there.

1. Simple giving. A few years back, inspired by my friend Lisa who routinely gives blood, I started donating every few months. I think it was a pregnancy that put a halt to my giving. When I recently read of a blood drive close to my home, I jumped at the opportunity to start donating again. If you’re short on money or time, giving blood is a charitable offering that’s extremely valuable. The blood draw takes on average six to eight minutes and the whole process about an hour. Bonfils and the American Red Cross are a couple blood banks where you can give.

2. Simple peace. I celebrated a birthday recently and one of the favorite gifts I received was a three month subscription to the meditation app Headspace. The program provides daily guidance and discipline to a meditation practice, which in turn brings peace of mind. What better gift to give and receive?

3. Simple gift. I’m not much of a collector, except for glass jars. I have jars of all sizes, but some of my favorites are the tiny ones. They’re perfect for filling with balms, lotions and butters. I think these would make great gifts to stuff in a stocking or give to a friend.

4. Simple traditions. There are certain things I’m nostalgic about, and going into the woods to cut a Christmas tree is one. This has been a tradition in my family since I can remember. The day we went to get our tree this year was marked even more special by the wildlife sightings. We saw big horn sheep, deer, pronghorn antelope, a herd of elk, a coyote and a bald eagle. It would have been a memoriable day without all that, but wow!

5. Simple wreath. Gather boughs (mine were cut from the bottom branches of the Christmas tree), bundle and tie with a bow and if you want to get really fancy, adorn with salt dough stars.

Stay cozy and have a happy holiday weekend!

Love, Julie xo

3 thoughts on “Simple Things

  1. Thank you for sharing, I love your northern hemisphere traditions. Here in southern Australia, I cut a dead gum tree branch for a Christmas tree and saw kangaroos and blue wrens. My wreath is made from dried branches but it does have a big red bow!

    1. Hi Sally! Thank you for sharing a bit of your Australian Christmas! I bet your tree and wreath are beautiful. I love how you bring thought and care to your holiday celebration. And what fun to see kangaroos on your outing! xo

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