Simple Things

A list of simple things here and there.

1. Simple action. I’ve stopped all catalogs from coming to my home, but it never fails that new ones arrive on my doorstep each Christmas season. My work starts over in stopping the waste, the shopping temptations and the clutter that catalogs bring. I often call the company directly to have my contact information removed, but if you have a stack of catalogs, here in the United States an easy solution is to use Catalog Choice.

2. Simple belongings. If you’re needing a respite from a season of excess, I highly recommend watching the film Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things. I had been anxiously waiting to see this film since before it was released, and now it’s available on Netflix! The message of the movie: less stuff = more joy. This is a great film to watch with loved ones. You might all be inspired to do a little decluttering.

3. Simple choice. I buy packaged gluten free pasta since it’s not available to me in bulk. With all packaged foods that I buy, I look for products whose packaging has little or no plastic. This brand of pasta (except for the spaghetti and capellini) comes with just a small window of plastic. The cardboard box is recyclable, leaving only a small film of plastic for the landfill. Not perfect, but better.

4. Simple tip. I recently bought some Meyer lemons at the store, but didn’t end up using them for their intended purpose. Rather than letting them go to waste I juiced them and poured the juice into ice cube trays. Once frozen I pop the cubes in a jar, store in the freezer and use in recipes as needed. One standard ice cube equals two tablespoons of juice.

5. Simple word. More than usual, I’ve been really sad about our political climate, human inequalities, the destruction of our planet and more. All that negative energy has been dragging me down. I had a moment of clarity the other day – even if the world has a dark cloud hovering over it, I have the power to be positive in my actions and attitude. After making that mental shift, I declared the word “positive” to be the one I focus on in 2017. So 2017, I come bearing positive energy, thought and action!

Thanks for your readership in 2016! I look forward to more discovery in this space in 2017!

Love, Julie

13 thoughts on “Simple Things

  1. This site always leave me feeling more hopeful and motivated. I’ve been feeling very discouraged by all the wrapping material (most of it non-recyclable even) that came into our house this Christmas from relatives who are not ready to even consider less wasteful ways of doing things.

    1. Kari, thank you for your kind words! I’ve often thought you should start your own blog. You surely contribute greatly to the simple and sustainable living movement. The community I’ve found here has given me great encouragement. You should think about it! 😉 Happy New Year! xo

      1. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I’ve often thought about it, but it’s just not me. I’ve realized that I’m a reactor, not an initiator. And it’s taken me all these years just to start posting on Instagram. That’s enough of a stretch for me (although I am having fun with it).

  2. Thank you for your inspiration through out 2016 Julie. Your posts help remind me what is important and keep me focussed and grounded. I so appreciate the time and effort you make to share the simple things in your life that resonate and inspire me to live simply as well. I wish you a joy filled 2017. With love, Sally

    1. Thank you for the comments you’ve left here. Not only do they warm my heart but they keep me fueled to write more. Wishing you joy as well in the new year! Lots of love! Julie

  3. Thank you! Love your posts. Happy 2017!!!! I am trying to live with a similar philosophy. I am going to watch the film on Netflix.

    Michelle in Mississippi

    1. Hi Michelle in Mississippi! My daughter is a freshman at Ole Miss and loves it! Thanks for coming to this space! Let me know what you think of the movie. Happy New Year!!

      1. Loved it! Speaks to my heart. Ole Miss is beautiful and the town of Oxford is quite nice like Hernando where I live. I love reading your blog. I have a fiend or 2 but not many simple folks just the usual around here. A past coworker and I shared these ideas back to 2008. I’m thinking maybe I took this from my Grandmother who used everything like Native Americans in Tennessee. Happy sustainable 2017!


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