Simple Things

A list of simple things here and there.

1. Simple gratitude. My three-year-old communicates mostly with sign language and some spoken words. The other morning I handed him a banana and then turned my back to him to continue making breakfast. He yelled out, “mama…Mama….MAMA!” It took repetition and volume before I looked back to him. He wanted my attention not because he needed something, but because he wanted to tell me something. He simply signed the words “thank you” to show gratitude for the banana. Children have so much to teach us, if only we pay attention.

2. Simple cake. Sometimes I need a chocolate fix. Don’t you? I used to make my mom’s quick and delicious chocolate cake recipe for those occasions. It was made in a few minutes, baked during dinner and enjoyed warm out of the oven for dessert. Sadly, I gave up that cake a few years ago when I gave up gluten. However, the gluten-free replacement that stands in its place is made ever so quickly and equally delicious. I love too, that I can get the almond flour and chocolate chips in the bulk section of Whole Foods. BTW, I don’t bother with white chocolate chips in this recipe, I just double up the dark chocolate.

3. Simple read. In a stack of library books, my son selects More, by I. C. Springman over and over again. The book expresses, with just a few words and beautiful illustrations, that ‘less is more.’ More came as a recommendation from Meghan, who along with her husband, blogs at Screen-Free Parenting. This dynamite duo has an amazing website that supports parents who want to limit their children’s screen time. There is a wealth of inspiration and information on their site. I especially loved this recent post.

4. Simple tea. Most winter evenings I wind down with a cup of herbal tea. I prefer to buy my tea in bulk to avoid waste, but I haven’t been able to get to my local tea shop for awhile. Instead I’ve been buying dried peppermint from Whole Foods. Infused in hot water with a spoonful of honey stirred in, I’m in heaven.

5. Simple beauty. When I stepped out of my car the other day something caught the corner of my eye. I looked up to see this stunning mural, painted on the side of an office building. It held such power for me that I thought it worth sharing. There’s a subtle message I’m hearing these days…look up, pay attention, beauty lies everywhere. Have a wonderful weekend! xo


5 thoughts on “Simple Things

  1. Great post, as always! I love the picture of your son and his words of gratitude. I’m glad he likes the book! It is a favorite for both of our children. Thanks for linking up to us!

  2. I love your simple things series. Against the cold my special herbal tea recipe is a slice of lemon, a chunk of fresh ginger, a branch of thyme and honey. I use those to make at least two or three pots (with new honey) before everything goes in the compost.

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