Simple Things

A list of simple things here and there.

1. Simple library. The home we’re moving to in a couple months is surrounded by wilderness. One of my intentions is to be a steward of the land. Taking the job seriously, I think it important to have a rich understanding of the native flora and fauna. One tool I’ll be using to deepen my knowledge of and connection to the natural surroundings is to establish a practice of nature journaling. In anticipation I’ve been reviewing library books on the subject to help me choose one to add to my library.  My absolute favorite has been The Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling. I also enjoyed Keeping a Nature Journal, but one book will do.

2. Simple rewilding. I’ve never been much of a podcast listener until recently when I was turned onto ReWild Yourself (via Heather). Daniel Vitalis hosts the ancestral lifestyle podcast that covers subjects such as primitive skills, hunting, foraging, nature connection, ancestral diet, health and movement. On the show he interviews some fascinating experts in the field. I concur with Heather – two of my favorite guests who frequent the show are Arthur Haines and Nadine Artemis.

3. Simple curiosity. A favorite book I read to my son over the winter was Owl Moon by Jane Yolen. If you’re not familiar, it’s the story of a young girl who goes “owling” with her father on a cold winter night. The story has sparked my son’s imagination who loves to look for owls on our nighttime walks. These walks don’t happen very often, but every time we go out after dark we’re always on the lookout for owls. Truthfully, I never expected we’d see one, but we did this week. It swooped into a tree above us and sat longer than we stayed to watch. We observed the owl poop and when I looked down to the street I noticed a fair amount of excrement. It was obvious to me that this owl sits on that branch often. The next time I go owling, I might look down for clues before I turn my head skyward.

4. Simple tip. I keep fresh herbs, like cilantro and parsley, in a jar with water just covering their bottom stems. The jar sits on the top shelf of my refrigerator. Not only do the herbs last longer, but with them front and center I tend to use them up before they go bad. I just pinch off some here and there to flavor or garnish all kinds of meals.

5. Simple hydration. My youngest had a bad case of the stomach flu this week. I asked my husband to pick up an electrolyte drink at the grocery store to keep him hydrated. He came home with coconut water, which sure beats those artificially colored and flavored electrolyte drinks. I wouldn’t buy it on a regular basis, but during those times of medical emergencies when hydration is important we found it works well.

Stay well, curious and little wild! xo

4 thoughts on “Simple Things

  1. Was missing your posts. Thank you. I think I’ll go owling (autocorrect insists I want to go bowling!) too!

  2. Love #4! I agree, once I found that method my herbs stayed so much fresher & I could use them all before they went bad. One small difference for me is I keep my parsley in water out on the counter or a table… a little decoration!

    1. What a sweet idea to use fresh cut herbs as decorations! I sometimes add fresh mint into my flower arrangements, but it would be lovely on its own as well.

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