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Miniature Handmade Bear | the beauty in simpleOur suitcases are packed for one last trip before summer comes to an end. A cross-country flight requires a new bag of tricks to keep my two-year-old entertained. Rather than relying on Target or the dollar store for cheap trinkets or emptying my wallet for nicer toys, I made a few treasures using materials I had on hand. My hope is these little travel companions will bring him delight.

What child doesn’t love miniature sized things, like this little bear tucked into his mint tin bed?
Miniature Bear in Mint Tin Bed | the beauty in simple

Handmade Bear and Bedding | the beauty in simpleWhen the novelty of the little bear wears off, I can entertain with these simple woodland animal finger puppets and my made up stories. (Left to right: bird, rabbit, bear, fox, mouse.)Finger Puppets | the beauty in simpleThe finger puppets get stored in their own little bag.A Little Sack to Hold Finger Puppets | the beauty in simpleThere was no money spent, the effort was little, but the love was great in making these little toys. Using materials I had on hand also works nicely with my strategy to declutter by using things up.  In case you think I’m clever, I’m not. I got the idea for the bear here. The bed was inspired by this image. I blatantly copied the finger puppets, although mine are definitely amateur in comparison.

Enjoy the remainder of summer! I’ll be back here soon! xo

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  1. Julie. How so so lucky your little one is. You inspire me daily. Have a wonderful vacation with your adorable family.

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