Simple Things

A list of simple things, here and there.

Practicing Gratitude | the beauty in simple1. Practicing gratitude helps ease my anxiety, lifts my spirits, and focuses my attention on the beauty in this life. Sometimes I write down what I’m feeling grateful for, sometimes I verbalize what I’m noticing for others to hear, and sometimes I just quietly acknowledge my feelings to myself. However it’s expressed, it’s a profound but simple practice that I do daily.

Zero Waste Pumpkin Puree | the beauty in simple2. I’ll never open a can of pumpkin puree again after following The Zero Waste Chef’s directions on how to cook a pumpkin under pressure. It’s so quick and easy and the flavor and freshness is far superior to the canned variety. I froze the puree in the jar and will pull it out next week to be used in a pumpkin pie. BTW, Anne-Marie names a pressure cooker as one of her 7 steps to going zero waste. I couldn’t agree with her more!

Benjamin Moore Light Pewter and Simply White | the beauty in simple3. I’m putting my house on the market in the spring. A fresh coat of paint was called for to get it ready. I’m in love with the colors I picked, which are both soft and bright, if that’s possible. I used Benjamin Moore’s Light Pewter on the walls and Simply White on the trim and ceiling.

Zero Waste To Go Kit | the beauty in simple4. I went to see Eating Alabama at the Denver Botanic Gardens this week. It was part of a sustainable food film series sponsored by Chipotle and included dinner. I came prepared to accept the meal, but not the trash. I declined the plastic-lined cardboard tray, instead asking for the meal to be served in my own tin. I also turned down the plastic fork, paper napkin, plastic cups of condiments and a plastic beverage cup. My friend Deb did the same. A small act, but it felt powerful to be watched (and thanked) by the Chipotle staff, DBG volunteers and those who stood in line with us.

The Compliment Project | the beauty in simple5. Artist, Anna Sergeeva launched a new, feel-good campaign called The Compliment Project. I’ll be canvasing my neighborhood with her posters to spread some kindness. That makes me smile, and you know what else does? Snow. It’s late, but it arrived (soon after I took this picture). Happy weekend, my friends!

Love, Julie


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  1. It is definitely that time of year to stop and give thanks for all we have. Do something special for a friend, co worker, family or even better a stranger. Happy Thanksgiving!

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