Make It Do

Following a “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without” philosophy not only protects our planet’s natural resources, but it provides a pause in the consumption cycle allowing for contentment with what we have.

I filled the shopping cart three times, on separate occasions, but stopped short of hitting the checkout button. I selected a beautiful silk dress, cashmere sweater and leather clutch. It would have been a show stopper and I felt good about each piece because they were ethically made.

I couldn’t do it. I’d made a deal with myself to not buy anything new this year and I’m only a few weeks away from finishing the challenge. But there was more to my hesitation. I figured if I was going to drop that kind of money it should be on clothing that I wear every day. This ensemble was for a special occasion and not likely to get much use. I also reminded myself of some big bills coming due in January. There was nothing practical about the contents of that shopping cart.

Instead I went shopping at ARC Thrift Store. Wouldn’t you know, I found a black cocktail dress that fit me to a tee, some statement earrings and a sparkly little clutch. The entire outfit cost me $13.50. I don’t love that the dress is synthetic or that the clutch is a fast fashion brand, but I’d still argue buying secondhand is one of the most ethical choices we can make. At this year’s holiday party, I’ll be making do just fine.


6 thoughts on “Make It Do

  1. I’ve been adhering to the same challenge. But since early spring of this year. I’ve also weeded out so much of my wardrobe (bags and bags) and it still seems as if I have too much stuff. The one thing I have purchased is a used French Connection jacket on eBay that I already have a different color from 2009 that I absolutely adore. I do have my eye on some filler pieces and some new shoes for the new year but will see how far I can make it.

    I also have a Use It Up, Make It Do… print I had made framed in our living room. I’d like to say it has magical powers against Amazon Prime but at least it gives me pause from time to time:).

    1. What a great idea to have a Use It Up, Make It Do print framed as a reminder. I find the best defense against Amazon is to delete all credit card information on file. It makes it much less convenient to place those orders. Good luck with your challenge and thanks for chiming in here!

  2. Bravo! I appreciate the thought that spending more on things to be used everyday is preferable…cost per wear and all. Congratulations on your challenge!!! Hope you have load of holiday fun! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Jane! I have definitely been changed by the challenge and will forever be a thrift store shopper. Although, admittedly I look forward to adding a few new things to my wardrobe next year. Happy Holidays!

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